History of Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch in the Ottawa Area – Over 25 years and Counting!
During the winter of 1979-80 in Ottawa, some residents of Abbey Road became so concerned about a rash of “break and enters” in their neighbourhood that they organized a meeting with the Ottawa Police to look for solutions.  Sergeant Brian Skinner used the Seattle Neighbourhood Watch concept to develop a pilot project on Abbey Road.
Over twenty-five years later, Neighbourhood Watch is a city-wide community-driven crime prevention program supported by the police service.  The objective of the program is to get citizens involved in discouraging and preventing crime at the local level by encouraging neighbours to look out for each other.  Neighbourhood Watch members know that the ultimate success of the program depends largely on a commitment to cooperate with area residents and the police – and more importantly, between residents themselves.
By simply getting to know the neighbours around you, local residents are well positioned to recognize someone or something that is suspicious.
When neighbours work together, they can combat crime in their area the most effective way – before it starts.  Neighbourhood Watch encourages active participation in crime prevention.
As a Neighbourhood Watch member, you learn:
–          How to make your home less inviting as a target for thieves;
–          How to participate in Operation Identification, an engraving program to mark your property;
–          How to recognize and report suspicious activity in your neighbourhood; and
–          That crime prevention is everyone’s responsibility!
Getting involved is easy and free.
To find out if a Neighbourhood Watch exists in your neighbourhood or to start a new one, visit ottawapolice.ca/neighbourhoodwatch or contact your local Community Police Centre. Your Community Police Centre can provide you with more detailed information, basic start-up assistance and resources.