As the warmer weather approaches, Prevent Theft From Vehicles, get an “All Valuables Removed” Warning Card. Based on recent public surveys, community feedback, and crime analysis, vehicle owners are concerned about vehicle theft and thefts from vehicles. The “All Valuables Removed” warning cards are designed to remind vehicle owners they have an active part to play in preventing these crimes. Vehicles targeted include those left unattended in high-volume areas, those with valuables visible, and those located in areas identified by the police as particularly vulnerable to theft. The cards are displayed by vehicle owners on the inside of the driver’s side window to display the message, “All Valuables Removed” – letting would-be-thieves know not to bother searching the vehicle and alerting others to take the same precautions. REMEMBER… Report It! If you have been a victim of vehicle related theft, report it. This enables the police to track patterns of criminal behaviour and better assign police resources. Where can I obtain an “All Valuables Removed” warning card? Warning cards are available online (link below), at Community Police Centres, police stations, or by email request at


 All Valuables Removed (AVR)