Vacation Tips


Car and home

  • If you own a car, leave it in the garage and make sure it is locked
    • The keys to the cars should be hidden somewhere in your house
    • You can unplug the garage door opener to prevent anyone from opening it
    • Tell people you trust that you will be away and invite them to park in your driveway.
  • Close all blinds and drapes to prevent people from looking inside
  • Suspend newspaper and package deliveries
  • Keep a light on in your house and use a timer to turn it on an off
  • If it is the winter time, arrange for someone to clear your driveway of snow or ask someone to make car tracks in your driveway. You want your home to look lived in.
  • Leave your house as clean as possible and consider hiding valuables
    • Keeping your house clean helps us to solve the crime if your home is broken into.
  • If you have left someone responsible for your home make sure you tell them to report any crimes to the police
  • If you are away for an extended period of time, contact your insurance broker to ensure your policy will continue to cover your home and car.