Ottawa Police Graffiti Management Program.


The best way to reduce the spread of graffiti is to remove it quickly and learn how to prevent it from returning.

Tips to deter graffiti

As a property owner, there are measures you can take to deter graffiti. They include:

  • Plant vines, shrubs or thorny plants to limit access to walls.
  • Increase lighting and visibility. Consider motion or sensor lights to draw attention to any movement on your property.
  • Move vehicles, dumpsters or other items away from walls and cover pipes to prevent access to the roof or upper levels of a building.
  • Consider a graffiti repellent to protect surfaces against graffiti.
  • Use fences and other barriers to discourage through traffic.
  • Encourage community pride and respect in your neighbourhood and involve youth in community graffiti removal project.
  • Consider adding a mural to your property.
  • Encourage neighbours to look out for each other. Start up a Neighbourhood Watch program in your neighbourhood.






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