An Invitation to Community-Minded Residents of Ottawa

Do you have skills to contribute to a cause?

  • Writing
  • Research
  • Interviewing
  • Promotion
  • Completing grant applications
  • Communicating

Are you interested in how Neighbourhood Watch helps communities be pro-active in crime prevention?

If yes, then perhaps you would like to become a community representative on the Ottawa Neighbourhood Watch Executive Committee (ONWEC).

The committee oversees the NW program in Ottawa. It has the following objectives for 2014-2015

1. Increase and support membership in the neighbourhood watch program by:

  • Providing content for the Neighbourhood Watch blog and community news outlets
  • Promoting the NW blog
  • Planning and promoting strategies for recruiting new watches and members


2. Research and promote best practices for encouraging NW members to develop relationships within their neighbourhoods and with the Ottawa Police Service


3. Clarify governance issues

  • Identify consistent practices across watches throughout the city and determine reasons/benefits of alternative approaches.
  • Clarify and promote the basic rules to encourage consistency throughout the community.

4.  Raise funds to support ONWEC initiatives.


To read more about the role of the community rep on the ONWEC, follow this link.

To apply, download a fillable pdf form from the membership page in the ONWEC blog. .

Return the completed application as an attachment to an email message addressed to